Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Your Own Voice

I was inspired two years ago to help out the Cromack family as they navigated through a maze of hospital stays, surgeries, and one scary diagnosis.  My intentions were always to take my inspiration a giant step further, but I got nervous. 

I've been nervous that I would come across as a proverbial do-gooder, or annoying, or any other expletive you can be called when you try to do something truly helpful.

I decided I don't care what people will say.

So, here it is.  Inspired by the Cromacks, I want to start a non-profit that directly benefits people in need.  Where funds are raised for a specific cause and all the money goes directly to the family to be used as they see fit.

My hope would be that a family that signed up with us (see, I'm already optimistic that you'll help me) can get meals coordinated to their home, fundraisers set up, and their own blog, written by a volunteer.  The internet is a powerful tool and can be used for the common good.

At last count, I received 14 message on Facebook that my words have been an inspiration to people.  I am humbled.  I've meant to help the Cromacks, raise some much needed money and help his wife who is in a situation most of us can't even comprehend.  I've done for their family what I would want done for me in the same situation.

Sometimes we should just do what we think is right.  It is harder to help, to stick your neck out there, than it is to quietly sit by.  I was a shy, nervous and painfully quiet kid.  If I can have a voice, so can you.

Now, I need you all.  I need you to join me in my "Friend to Friend" project.  Where people can ask (anonymously if they are nervous) for something they need and we will collectively work together to provide it.

We're all already doing the work.  We're organizing fundraisers, collecting money, providing meals, rides, support...why not have a collective place we can go to ask for help if we need it?

If you are interested in becoming a virtual board member (which means you can be anywhere with internet access) please email me at

To qualify for 501c3 Status (Non-profit) we need to establish a board of members. 

Consider yourself asked to help.