Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Giving is Easier than Receiving

So many of you have already come forward to help out the Chapin Family.  Few words can express their shock and gratitude to their friends and strangers that have started to help them as they travel the unknown waters of living with cancer.

I don't know Justin or Becky, but from the responses that I have received so far, I know that their friends are there for them during this difficult time.

It isn't easy to admit that help would be appreciated.  I'm guessing that receiving money from friends and strangers is a bit weird, hard to swallow, and might make some people feel guilty. 

I think that it is important to remember that most of the time it is easier to help others than it is to accept and receive help.  The goal here is to help as much as we can while at the same time, keeping in mind how difficult it must be to be on the receiving end of so many caring people.

There are a number of things in the works on behalf of the Chapins.  Lesley McCord Cogswell and Sue Avery Scott have set up a meal calendar and as a reminder:

To send cards, gift cards, flowers, etc. directly to the family you can send them to:

Becky and Justin Chapin
PO Box 36 Bernardston, Ma. 01337.

The children are:

Avery, 11 months old, size 4 diapers
Ashlyn, 4 years old, wears size 5 clothing
Caleb, 9, wears size 10-12 clothing

Just to be clear, mom and dad aren't expecting anything (they are already shocked and awed by the support) but people have privately asked and so I am answering it here.  If you aren't comfortable sending cash over the internet, send a card, send a box to the kids, whatever works for you.

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