Tuesday, June 26, 2012


After almost forty years on this planet, one thing that I have learned about myself is that I am an optimist.  No, I'm not all sunshine and rainbows all of the time, but generally I believe that most things work out.  I not only don't sweat the small stuff, I'm pretty oblivious to it all.

Being an optimist isn't always easy. 

People will think you are weird.  They will call you naive.  They may question your intentions.

What I've also learned is that when you ask people to help, most people do.  They pull together.  They create meal calendars, raise money, babysit, mow lawns and get organized.  They get it done.

As an optimist, am I happy with the $1,000 we've raised so far?  Sure.   It isn't a small thing.  Friends, family and strangers have come together and collectively donated for a family that needs our help.  But as my wife will tell you, I am also a dreamer.

What if, as a group, we could raise $10,000?  $100,000?

I mean, what if the Chapins remember this year, not as the year Justin got cancer but the year the community pulled together and not paid their mortgage but paid off their mortgage?

By no means have they asked us for this level of help.  They are beyond speechless and appreciative for what we have done so far.  But I'm putting the idea out there just so you keep it in mind.

I'm thinking, we have about 2,500 members.  I'm guessing at a mortgage of $150,000.    Really, that would be a $60 donation per member.  I'm not asking you to give the family $60 a piece, but can the rest of you see what a small group of people can do together to make a huge difference?

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